Hi, I’m Reema.
Transformational Life Coach

I’ll show you how to embrace your authentic self so you can live life on your own terms.
I love to live a fearless life and help others do the same.
And, I absolutely love rainbows.

Let me show you how to stand in your power, create your dream life and, be unapologetically YOU.


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  • Jul 17, 2024

Uncover the impact of the Open Will Center on our relationships, career choices, and overall life path.

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  • Jul 8, 2024

Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with having a Defined Will Centre in Human Design and how it can be leveraged for personal growth and fulfillment.

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  • Jul 5, 2024

Learn practical techniques for decluttering your mind and gaining mental clarity in our comprehensive guide.

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  • Jul 3, 2024

Discover the transformative impact of self-awareness on personal growth in our latest post, 'UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL: The Power of Self-Awareness in Personal Growth'.

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  • Jul 1, 2024

Learn about the powerful impact of a 72-hour water fast in overcoming a stubborn plateau in this inspiring blog post.

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  • Jun 28, 2024

Uncover the healing potential of somatic movement in dance meditation for self-acceptance.

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