Reema Shamim
01 Jul
BREAKING THROUGH THE PLATEAU - My transformative 72-hour water fast


Three days, seventy-two hours, 4,320 minutes. It doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're not eating, each second stretches into an eternity. 

I found myself at a crossroads in my personal growth journey, feeling stagnant and uninspired. Desperate for a breakthrough, I decided to undertake a 72-hour water fast. Little did I know, this experience would transform my understanding of mind, body, and spirit.d it was nothing short of transformative.

Hitting the plateau                           

Life was moving, but I wasn't. For months, I felt like I was running in place, my progress in personal development coming to a standstill. 

My meditation practice felt shallow, my creativity was dwindling, and I was losing touch with my sense of purpose. It was a frustrating and disheartening state. 

Seeking clarity, I read about various methods to push through such plateaus. I had a feeling that the answers I was seeking might be hidden within my body. 

Unsure of how to interpret this intuition, I stumbled upon an article about a 72-hour water fast. Instinctively, I knew I had to give it a try.                                                                                                                    

The decision to fast

Choosing a 72-hour water fast was not a decision I made lightly. I researched extensively, learning about the potential benefits and challenges. I was drawn to the idea of stripping away the superficial and confronting the core of my being. 

The fast promised mental clarity, emotional breakthroughs, and a physical reset. It was exactly what I needed to shake off the stagnation.


Preparing for the fast involved more than just not eating. 

I began with a mental commitment, setting clear intentions for what I hoped to achieve. 

I prepared for the 72-hour water fast by gradually easing into it with an intermittent fasting protocol. I stocked up on nutrient dense foods and herbal teas, created a journal for documenting my journey, and informed my family for support. 

Meditation, reading and gentle exercise became part of my daily routine, helping to centre my mind and prepare my body.                                                                                    

The Fast begins

Day 1 : The Initiation

The first day was deceptively easy. My body, accustomed to regular meals, wasn't yet aware of the “deprivation” to come. I stayed busy with light activities, avoiding strenuous tasks to conserve energy. 

Mentally, I was excited and optimistic, feeling the novelty of the challenge. By evening, hunger pangs began to set in, but they were manageable. I drank water regularly, each sip a reminder of my commitment.

Day 2 : The Struggle

Day 3 : The Breakthrough

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