Reema Shamim
19 Jun
Human Design for Beginners - Part 1

Human Design is a modern system of self-discovery and personal growth that combines principles from several ancient and contemporary disciplines, including astrology, the I Ching, the Judaic Kabbala (Tree of Life), the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. 

Developed by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, Human Design offers a unique blueprint for understanding one's innate nature, potential, and life path.

Core Components of Human Design

1. BodyGraph: The cornerstone of Human Design is the BodyGraph, a visual representation that maps out an individual's energetic structure. 

This chart is generated using the exact time, date, and place of birth. The BodyGraph consists of nine centres (similar to chakras), 64 gates (related to the I Ching's hexagrams), and 36 channels that connect these centres.

2. Types: There are five (or four primary) Human Design types: 

- Generators: Comprising about 37% of the population, Generators have a defined sacral center and are here to respond to life with their abundant energy.

- Manifesting generators: Around 33% of the population, Manifesting generators are a hybrid of sorts, a blend of the manifesting energy similar to that of the Manifestor and the mastery of the Generator. They are primarily Generators.

- Projectors: Around 20% of the population, Projectors are guides and advisors who excel at seeing and understanding others. They are here to be invited and recognized for their wisdom. 

- Manifestors: Making up about 9%, Manifestors are initiators with the ability to create and bring new ideas into the world. They are here to inform before they act. 

- Reflectors: The rarest type, Reflectors constitute about 1% of the population. They have all centres undefined and are here to mirror the health and wellbeing of their communities.

3. Strategy and Authority: Strategy refers to the decision-making approach unique to each type, while authority is the inner guidance system that helps individuals make aligned choices. For example, Generators are designed to respond, while Projectors wait for invitations.

Although your decision making Strategy is fixed it can be influenced by Authority. Your defined centres determine your Authority. Not all centres carry authority so your Authority is determined by your Type and definition. There are 6 types of Authority

  • Emotional
  • Sacral
  • Splenic
  • Ego (Will)
  • Self projected
  • Mental projected

4. Profile: The profile in Human Design provides insight into one's personality and life themes, combining two numbers that reflect conscious and unconscious aspects derived from the hexagrams of the I Ching.

5. Centres: The nine centres in the BodyGraph function as energy hubs that govern different aspects of life, such as communication, emotions, identity, and intuition. Each centre can be defined (coloured) or undefined (white), indicating how a person processes and expresses energy in that area.

Benefits of Human Design

Human Design offers numerous benefits for personal growth and understanding, including:

- Self-Awareness: By exploring their BodyGraph, individuals gain deep insights into their strengths, challenges, and unique traits.

- Decision-Making: Understanding one's strategy and authority helps people make decisions that are more aligned with their true selves.

- Relationships: Recognising the different types and profiles can improve communication and harmony in personal and professional relationships.

- Life Purpose: Human Design provides a roadmap to discovering and fulfilling one's life purpose by aligning with their natural inclinations and gifts.

Practical Application 

To begin exploring Human Design, individuals typically start by generating their BodyGraph using an online calculator or a professional reading. 

Interpreting the chart can be complex, so beginners are encouraged to learn the basics of their type, strategy, and authority first. Over time, delving deeper into the centres, gates, and channels can offer further insights into one's design and potential.


Human Design offers a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. By exploring your unique design, you can navigate life with greater ease and authenticity. Whether you're a Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or Reflector, embracing your Human Design can lead to a more aligned and fulfilling life.

Explore your Human Design chart today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Remember, the key to living your design is to experiment and observe how it works in your daily life.

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