Reema Shamim
19 Jun
EMBRACE YOUR EMOTIONS: A Step-by-step guide

Embracing your emotions is an essential part of living a fulfilling and authentic life. Understanding and accepting your feelings, rather than pushing them away, can lead to greater self-awareness, improved mental health, and deeper relationships. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to embrace your emotions with a friendly and empathetic approach.                                                                        

Step 1: Sit with Your Feeling 

Step 2: Identify Where You Feel It in Your Body 

Step 3: Does it have a temperature?

Step 4: Assign a colour

Step 5: Can you give it a name?

Step 6: rate its intensity

Step 7: Ask yourself how to best accept how you're feeling?

Step 8: Practice Self-compassion

Step 9: Embrace Self-empowerment

Step 10: Engage in Self-care

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